Environmental policy

Gia-tzoong Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional printed circuit board manufacturer. The products it produces are: multi-layer printed circuit boards, LED heat-dissipating aluminum plates and other types of printed circuit boards. The company's environmental management system follows The ISO 14001 environmental management system international standard is formulated to improve the level of various operations under the guiding principles of the environmental program, continuously improve the impact of production on the environment, comply with the company's contribution and requirements for protecting the global environment, and create products and services that satisfy customers .

Environmental Policy:Pollution Prevention.

                                       Comply with regulations.

                                       Continuous improvement.


Pollution prevention equipment.

一、Waste Management.

All waste generated during the activities, products, and services in the factory has a certain impact on the environment. Therefore, during the activities, storage, removal, and treatment processes, it complies with environmental protection regulations and reaches the waste efficiency level. control management.

1. Storage: Before disposal, waste is stored in specific locations or storage container facilities to prevent leakage and environmental pollution.

2. Removal: All waste is entrusted to a removal and treatment agency approved by the government agency for proper final disposal.

3. Reduction: Reduce waste output by improving the process or changing the materials used (source reduction).

4. Recycling: It can be recycled through direct or indirect intermediate processing within the factory or outsourcing.

二、Wastewater Management.

For the wastewater generated during the production process, the factory has two sets of complete wastewater treatment system facilities. It uses wastewater separation, chemical coagulation, activated carbon adsorption tower and other equipment to reduce heavy metals and other substances in the wastewater to comply with current environmental protection regulations. Require emissions to reduce environmental pollution load.

Environmental monitoring:

1. Self-testing: Wastewater and discharged water should be analyzed and tested daily for water quality. The testing items are pH,COD, Cu, water temperature.

2. Outsourcing testing: In accordance with the provisions of environmental protection laws and regulations, a testing company licensed by the central environmental protection agency is commissioned to conduct water quality testing once every three months. The testing items include pH, COD, SS,Cu, BOD, water temperature.

三、Exhaust gas management.

The factory is equipped with seven washing tower equipment, six bag dust collector equipment, and one activated carbon adsorption tower equipment to effectively treat the waste gas emitted during the manufacturing process, ensure the normal operation of the control method, and improve the efficiency of air pollution prevention. , to reduce the environmental impact caused by exhaust emissions.


Environmental management plan

In order to comply with the spirit of ISO14001, we set goals to promote management plans and achieve environmental policies in terms of pollution prevention, compliance with regulations, and continuous improvement.

一、VCP-coated plywood case to reduce copper consumption.

二、Process water conservation and control plan.

三、Implementation of energy-saving lighting improvement plans.

四、Plan to reduce thickness and consumption of lamination sub-material TPX.

五、Mirror aluminum tape reduction plan.


Environmental certification.