Our company is a professional printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing company. In order to implement our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we have established a safety and health policy to improve labor rights ,labor safety and health management by complying with regulations, implementing prevention, and continuously improving operations. Performance, therefore, the company's product development, manufacturing, testing, and shipping processes must comply with safety and health regulations and other relevant requirements, and safety and health should be continuously improved to avoid unsafe behaviors, environments, and equipment, and to prevent occupational disasters. We fulfill our responsibilities to ensure the safety and health of our employees and achieve sustainable development as our goal.

1.Occupational health and safety 

   1.1 Industrial safety promotion rewards

In order to enable each unit to participate more deeply in the improvement and maintenance of safety and health, Gia-tzoong implemented an environmental cleanliness and work safety evaluation system in 2015. Each unit is evaluated on the level of environmental cleanliness and work safety every month, and each unit in the factory is evaluated according to the standards. Production lines and non-production lines are distinguished, and the first place in each unit is selected every month, and is praised and rewarded during weekly meetings, so that the concept of industrial safety is not only implemented in daily operations, but also proud of being rewarded.

   1.2 Labor protection

        1.2.1 Personal protection

In order to strengthen personal protection during work, Gia-tzoong distributes various protective equipment to each employee based on their job position and actual work needs. At the same time, protective equipment is set up in various areas, marked and reminded, effectively improving the personal safety of employees. Protective awareness.

        1.2.2 Health check

In order to effectively supervise the health status of employees, in addition to the physical examination when colleagues report on the first day, General Manager conducts regular health examinations for all employees in the company once a year, and arranges monthly doctor visits to the factory to receive employee health consultation and health Lectures. 

2.Labor safety training and publicity

Gia-tzoong attaches great importance to employee safety and health training. New employees must receive general safety and health education training on the first day of registration, including: work discipline, fire protection, chemicals, machinery and equipment, traffic safety, hazards General education, etc., and will take an exam after completing the course, and must pass before passing. For employees who are already on the job, an annual education and training plan is scheduled every year based on safety and health-related regulations and factory needs, and education and training is implemented according to the plan. , ensuring that every employee has correct safety and health concepts. At the same time, E-mail and bulletin boards can also be used to promote life and health knowledge, industrial safety, fire prevention and other information to enhance employees' awareness of industrial safety.