In order to establish corporate governance, the Company maintains various types of activities with stakeholders in order to promote full communication between the Company and stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, and investors.

Any case of the company's products, suggestions or complaints, etc., will be filed and handled, and uphold the principle of confidentiality to urge the relevant departments to improve, you can fill in the relevant information through this website "Contact Us", and there will be a person to reply to questions and comments.

The contact channels are as follows:


Focus on the topic

Communication channels

Shareholders & Investors

Market Image
Financial Performance 
Corporate Governance

Annual Shareholders' Meeting
Annual report
Investor section of the company's website
Contact: Administration Division, Mr. Chen


Customer Service
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management 
Risk Management 
Customer Privacy 
Ethics and Integrity

Customer satisfaction survey 
Meet the requirements of customer products, responsibilities and environment Contact 
Contact: Sales Department, Miss Yu 


Supplier management
Environmental compliance
Product liability compliance

Supplier Annual Audit Supplier 
Questionnaire Survey Supplier
Assessment Procurement 
Contact: Purchasing Section, Miss Chung 


Employment Relations
Employee benefits
Compensation & Benefits
Sustainable development strategy
Employee satisfaction
Occupational health and safety

Employee Welfare Committe
Education and Training 
Employee Health Examination and Medical Consultation
Employee Satisfaction Survey 
Contact: Personnel Section, Miss Tu