Company Organization

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Business of each major department

1. Audit Office: regular and irregular audits of various internal control operations.

2. Occupational Safety and Health Office: formulation, planning, supervision, and promotion of safety and health management matters.

3. Management Division: includes the Finance Department, Human Resources Section, Information Office, Environmental Engineering Section, and other departments.

  • Finance Department: in charge of financial management, capital reallocation, accounting operations, annual budget, and business analysis.
  • Human Resources Section: in charge of personnel management, general affairs, administrative procurement, factory building repair and expansion, etc.
  • Information Office: maintenance of the network, MIS system, computer room facilities, as well as software and hardware equipment.
  • Environmental Engineering Section: the implementation and management of air pollution control, water pollution control, waste management, noise control, and other business, as well as the implementation of ISO 14001.

4. Sales Division: includes the sales department.

  • In charge of market development, product sales, export business, as well as related business investigation and planning.

5. Treasury Department: Purchasing Section.

  • In charge of the procurement negotiation and follow-up of raw materials and materials.

6. Manufacturing Division: includes the Manufacturing Department, Factory Affairs Department, Design Engineering Department, and other departments.

  • Manufacturing Department: in charge of the implementation and improvement of manufacturing tasks, manufacturing techniques, and other business, including the Inner Layer Section, Drilling Section, Dry Film Section, Quality Inspection Section, Solder Resistance Section, Electroplating Section, Press Section, Molding Section, Sample Section, Manufacturing Engineering Section, and other departments.
  • Factory Affair Department: in charge of the production, repair, and maintenance of electrical equipment.
  • Design Engineering Department: in charge of the preliminary operations and fixtures of samples and new products.

7. Quality Assurance Division: includes the Quality Assurance Department.

  • Subunits are the Quality Control Section and Quality Assurance Section. The Quality Control Section is in charge of the operation of the quality management system and the implementation of the quality control system, so as to properly implement quality management and related business plans and reviews. The Quality Assurance Section is in charge of client service, quality assurance, abnormality handling, etc.

8. Research and Development Division: research and improvement of production technology, development and evaluation of automation equipment and new materials for production, research and development, analysis and trial production of new products.